Elizabeth "Beth" Swift


Words from the Com​munity

"I am very pleased to write a note regarding my colleague and friend Dr. Beth Swift. 

I met Beth many years ago when we were both teaching Social Science courses at Buena Park High. During our many years of teaching together, I found Beth to be an outstanding educator and true advocate for Buena Park's students and parents. I have been teaching in California public high schools for nearly 30 years. I can easily say that Beth is one of the most honest, passionate, and truly professional individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her concern for the community, and our community of students, was apparent in everything that she did. 

I left Buena Park High a few years ago but have stayed in contact with Beth. While I don't live in Buena Park, I have many friends in the community. I have kept in touch with Buena Park teachers, police officers, community members, leaders at the Boys and Girls Club, and business leaders. I hear nothing but praise for Beth from everyone that I talk to. They are very pleased that a person with Beth's long ties to the community and true passion for Buena Park has been able to serve on the city council. 
The people of Buena Park are well served with Dr. Beth Swift serving as a member of the city council."
 -Dennis Equitz, Friend and Former colleague 


"During her term as a Buena Park City Council Member and as Mayor, Dr. Swift has shown that she exemplifies the core values which she convinced the city council and city staff to adopt as standards to maintain.

DR. SWIFT:    
    ~ displays EXCELLENCE as a leader who studies the issues diligently. 
    ~ practices good COMMUNICATION skills by being accessible to those who need to consult with her.
    ~ fosters TEAMWORK by encouraging collaboration between groups.
    ~ shows COMMITMENT to our city by proudly telling stories about its history.
    ~ builds goodwill by showing RESPECT to others, taking the high ground whenever possible.
    ~ stays committed to INTEGRITY by being truthful and fair."

-Christiane Salts, Fellow Rotarian



"Dr. Swift is and always will be my teacher, friend, colleague, and grandma. She's not really my grandma, but I call her that because she basically saw me grow up into the person I am now. I've known her since 2006 and I'm so fortunate to have met her because I cannot imagine what my life would be without her! She just wasn't my AP World History teacher in high school, she was my club advisor for two clubs and the academic program I was in. She believed in me, when I couldn't believe in myself. In high school, I never thought I could be a leader, but she taught me it was possible if I learn to step out of my comfort zone. She helped me learn to face my fears. She encouraged me to join different programs and try out for various opportunities, such as the Buena Park Rotary Club Speech Contest. Even after she retired from teaching, we kept in touch and she was still always there for me. I was so honored when she attended my graduation ceremonies, even if it was on Father's Day! Long story short, I wouldn't be who I am without her guidance. Dr. Swift is one of the most ethical, moral, respectful, intelligent, and kind-hearted individuals I know! I'm so thankful to have her in my life. She is definitely my mentor and I know that she's a role model to many people. The City of Buena Park has improved so much with Dr. Swift in City Council. She said that when people ask her a question, her answer is always "Buena Park." However, for me, if someone mentions "Buena Park," the first person I would mention is "Dr. Swift." So please support and vote Dr. Swift for City Councilmember of Buena Park!"

-Leslie May Legaspi, Former Student and Friend



"Dr. Beth Swift is a truly wonderful woman with unquestionable and demonstrated talent, integrity and care for her community and humanity in general. I hold her in the highest regard. People like Beth are few. I wish I lived in Buena Park to support her with my vote."

-Marina Doria, Former Colleague



"As a retired teacher from the Buena Park School District, I have had an opportunity to see Beth Swift serve the community as a School Board member for many years.I was impressed by her willingness to look at all sides of an issue before making a decision. Because she is so approachable she invites varying viewpoints. She makes every effort to be fully informed Her dedication to the city of Buena Park has long been evidenced, first by her service on the Buena Park School Board and now on the Buena Park City Council."

-Patricia Highfill, Retired Teacher



If you would like to send a testimonial about Dr. Beth Swift, please send your testimonial to bethswiftforcitycouncil@gmail.com.

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"Dr. Swift has been a dedicated soul behind some important aspects in Buena Park. Her latest "Buena Park Goes to College" event has been a huge necessary success. I say necessary because of the sheer importance that the future generation holds in the years to come. With that in mind, Dr. Swift believes in the value of education and pushes for the city to encourage its youth to attend college. A person who is dedicated and focused on developing the youth of the city, while at the same time, engaging senior members of the community is a person who is by and large worthy of being re-elected for city council."

-Neyamatullah Akbar, Former Student



"I've had the privilege to know Dr. Beth Swift both inside the classroom and outside in my community. Her relentless dedication to the City of Buena Park and genuine passion for the community's well-being is recognized by us all. Dr. Swift's annual "Buena Park Goes to College" event is just one example of her commitment to advancing and promoting educational opportunities for our future leaders of tomorrow. Leadership is key to our city's success, and Dr. Swift is a true leader."

-Alyssa Beltran, Former Student



"I met “Dr. Beth Swift” about five years ago as an employee of the Buena Park School District and I am so happy to call her my friend. 
  I have lived in Buena Park for the past 15 years and have been impressed with her dedication to our community and school system.  She is so approachable and makes every effort to hear and look at all sides of an issue before making a decision. 
Dr. Swift possesses all of the qualities that I feel will make her the best choice for Buena Park City Council and I am confident she will lead our city forward with the major challenges that face us."

​ -Sandy Jenson, Friend



"Dr Swift's initiative to create Buena Park Goes to College is excellent. The event serves as a mediator to connect some of Buena Park's finest students to up and coming students who are teeming with potential. The younger students are given the extra inch of confidence in a greater vision when they see students of the same roots succeeding on a higher level. Buena Park Goes to College would not be of tremendous encouragement and success if it were not for the dedication and commitment of Dr. Swift and her helping staff."

-Xavier Ortiz, Buena Park Resident



"The Buena Park community has been privileged to have Dr. Swift as one of its key leaders since before she was even elected as a city council member. Her continual commitment to the community is evident in the way she inspires our future leaders of tomorrow. I had the honor of meeting Dr. Swift when I was 13 years old, shortly before I entered high school in 2006. Now, as a recent college graduate, I am able to reflect back on the impact Dr. Swift has made in my life. I firmly believe that many of her students, including myself, would not be in the positions we are in today if Dr. Swift never took us under her wing. She serves not only as a leader for those in the community, but also as a role model and motivator. If there is one city council member I know I can count on to be there for me, it would be Dr. Swift."

-Sami Dwabe, Former Student



"The Beth Swift I recall years ago is the same person that she is in the present: a benevolent, social, and endearing individual that puts others before herself. She encourages those she meets to pursue their aspirations and not falter to hardship. She works tirelessly to ensure that everyone goes about their lives with a glistening smile upon their faces. For that, I am thankful for her "swift" timing in helping me grow as an individual; her optimism, selflessness, and commanding presence make her a worthy candidate of the City Council."

-Justin Porras, Former Student



"Elizabeth Swift is truly the best candidate for city council due to many reasons, but I will name the important ones. One, she cares about the city and being born and raise within the city she knows what the city needs to grow or promoting it. Secondly, she cares about our children's futures for higher education and, by caring so much, she puts on the Buena Park Goes to College event along with her colleagues.This event shows many people within the community that it does not matter where you come from to go to college, but to show that higher education can be achieved by any one if they put in the work. Beth is the definition of hard work and perseverance, she never gave up on herself when times were tough, she never gave up on any one that came to her for help, and I sure know that she wont let the city down if it was in trouble .If I were to sum up Beth Swift in one word, I say she is "legendary" for what she does and what she brings to the city of Buena Park is only in the right direction."

-Richard Dang, Former Student



"I am a graduate of Buena Park High School where Dr. Swift taught for many years. I met Dr. Swift about 2004 while attending BPHS. I never had the opportunity to have Dr. Swift as a teacher but being involved in student government, school site council, principal’s advisory board, PTSA and various other organizations in high school gave me the chance to get to know and work with her. Honestly Dr. Swift is one of the nicest, most caring and compassionate teacher, friend and mentor I know. I know that if I need guidance on anything that she is one of the first persons I could go to. Dr. Swift has already done a great job leading Buena Park and will continue to do lead our city forward. When I think City Council for the city I call home I think Dr. Swift. Vote Dr. Beth Swift for reelection to Buena Park City Council and you will not regret your decision."

-Mary Jones, Former Student



"Dr. Elizabeth Swift, only one word comes to mind as for why this woman should be reelected. Understanding. Actually, no, two. Understanding and sympathetic. Even as a teacher and club advisor Dr. Swift made it so that promises were kept and hard work rewarded. However that is not all. She even went as far as taking several students to Disneyland despite us not having the means for our prior volunteer services. That shows how she is more than capable of placing others above herself, which is rather essential for a politician. That is not all though. As a former teacher Dr. Swift is aware of how our school systems work and can vastly improve it. For those reasons and more Dr. Elizabeth Swift has my vote for city council and, maybe, now even your's."

-Helena Kang, Former Student