Elizabeth "Beth" Swift Re-Elected for Buena Park City Council 


"Ask Beth Swift any question, and the answer is Buena Park." This was said jokingly, but it is actually true. I have lived in Buena Park my whole life; it is where my husband Greg and I met and married; where we raised our four children; where we attend church; where I worked as a high school teacher; and where I volunteer as the treasurer of three Buena Park non-profit organizations. Buena Park is also where I served as a school board member, and for the past eight years, as your Buena Park City Councilmember.

  "Ask Beth Swift any question, and the answer is Buena Park."


1. Introduced the “Education Committee” concept, which has, for 5 years, brought together city officials, school district superintendents, police, Chamber of Commerce, and Library staff. The result—better communication, greater cooperation, safer schools.

2. Pushed for Buena Park Police Department’s participation in a national certification process. The result—CALEA accreditation, the “gold standard in public safety.”

3. Initiated “Buena Park Goes to College,” an annual informational seminar and college fair in the fall. The result—200+ participants each year who receive vital information about the college system.

4. Highlighted the need for additional recreation opportunities in the city. The result—“Silverado Trail,” a walkway under the Edison wires from Knott to Valley View.

5. Promoted the use of recycling revenues to pay for all 6th graders in Buena Park to attend field trips to the Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana. This includes pre-trip instruction about benefits to our environment of recycling.

6. Proposed a list of Core Values to be exemplified by City staff and Commissions, as well as City Council Members in January 2011. The result—the proposal was discussed among employee groups and 6 values were chosen (teamwork, commitment, communication, respect, integrity, and excellence). She also promoted the use of these values in city publications including the city council agendas.

7. Encouraged reading to children and book giveaways at city events. The result—a nonprofit group now donates hundreds of books each year to the city to be read to children at city events and then given to the children to take home as their own. This happens at Summer Concerts in the Park and other events.

8. Advanced fiscal responsibility by (1) insisting on employees paying their full employee-share of PERS retirement plan, (2) establishing a percentage-based reserve policy, (3) insisting that one-time monies only be used for one time expenses.

9. Encouraged other Council Members and city staff to consider historic value of buildings and their preservation.

10. Represented City of Buena Park on the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors (2017 chairperson).

11. Represented City of Buena Park on the Association of California Cities-Orange County Pension Reform Committee member and Community Engagement Committee (chairperson).

I love my city and want the very best for it—the best schools, businesses, parks, public safety agencies, and resources. That is why:

  • I continue to encourage fiscal responsibility and support measures to attract new businesses.

  • I share the police department’s commitment to provide effective law enforcement and continuous improvement.

  • I proposed a list of values to be exemplified by City staff and representatives; we now have 6 values selected by employees and adopted by City Council: teamwork, commitment, communication, respect, integrity, excellence.

  • I proposed establishing an Education Commission. Our “Education Committee,” meets quarterly, is composed of city officials, a police captain, and representatives from the education community, the Chamber of Commerce, BP Library, and others. The results are better communication and cooperation among varying city interests

  • I represent Buena Park on the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors.

  • I continue to push for recreational uses of Edison right-of-way land to enhance open space opportunities for our residents.