Elizabeth "Beth" Swift Re-Elected for Buena Park City Council 


Congratulations Beth Swift!

I sincerely thank those who supported my successful campaign for Buena Park City Council.  They made campaign contributions, they signed my nomination paper, they put signs in their yards and encouraged others to vote for me.  My deepest thanks go to:

-Yohan Lee, the Orange County Automobile Dealers Association PAC, Manufactured Housing Educational Trust PAC, the West Coast Sand and Gravel Management group, Bulletin Displays LLC, Townsend Public Affairs Inc., Anil Patel, California Women’s Leadership Association PAC;

-My friends—Jim and Bonnie Schoales, the Shrader-Swift family, the Andrezejewskis, Sandy Porras, Lourdes Vargas, Claudia Pena, Cora Medellin, Edie and James Novack, Frieda Ragains, Juanita and Snita Ashford;

-My neighbors—Frances Zirkelbach, Michael Gamboa, Ray Rodriguez, Raquel DeLeon, Doo Hyun Baek;

-Former students & parents of former students—Lupe Nunez, Leslie Legaspi, Rommelo Balandra, Jane Choi and her sweet mom, Rofiah Pou, Brian Beger, Eric Painter;

-And many, many others.

I appreciate the endorsement of the Orange County Register editors, who stated that I have a “firm grasp on the financial risks posed by rising pension costs and sensible plans to address those costs.” Thank you, editors, for acknowledging my commitment to 
maintain the fiscal health of our city.  

During the campaign, I collected information on issues that are important to voters. Some of these issues were those that are my 3 highest priorities—pension liability, homelessness, and quality of life issues such as beautifying our city and relieving street parking pressures. I will keep working on these issues and explore new topics as well.

Finally, I read a thoughtful article online telling why cities exist. According to author Otis White,

“Cities exist to create citizens. Not to generate economic gains (they 
do, but as a byproduct), or provide a home to the arts, entertainment or learning (again, byproducts), and certainly not to support a government (it’s a means to an end). I would argue”—White says—”that the real purpose of cities is to create a group of people who will take responsibility for their community. And it’s this willingness to accept responsibility that is the difference between a resident and a citizen.”

Thank you to those who took the responsibility to vote and who again entrusted me with the responsibility to make decisions on behalf of our community.  But it’s not the elected officials’ responsibility alone. As Otis White says, you all are close by, and you can come to city hall to let your voices be heard at a Council meeting and participate in other ways.  By getting involved in our Buena Park community, we all will move from being passive residents to active citizens.

Once again, many thanks for giving me this opportunity to serve Buena Park!

Orange County Register Supports Elizabeth Swift!

Thank You, Buena Park!

Why Beth? 

​​Beth knows and loves Buena Park, having lived here all her life! She has committed herself to it as a City Council Member for eight years and on the school board before that. She wants to continue to contribute ideas and wise decisions on behalf of residents because she believes they should have the very best—the best schools, parks, public safety agencies, and resources.

​Celebrating Beth's win in District 2 with former students, Josh Choi, Jane Choi, and Leslie Legaspi.

Source of Image: Orange County 2018 General Election as of 12/01/2018

Beth has been the top vote-getter in her past two City Council elections